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403. How to make an "ISNUMBER" function

402. Running Multiple DBs on the Same Server

401. Seeing duplicated index columns

400. Moving Objects Among Tablespaces

399. What should PCTUSED be for frequently updated tables?

398. How To Grant Privileges to All Users

397. Converting ROWID to Long

396. AUTOEXTEND Syntax For Datafiles

395. Changing the location of the initSID.ora file from the default

394. Comparing index columns between two databases

393. Generate CREATE TABLESPACE commands

392. Improving Export/Import Performance

391. Select the "last" N records?

390. ORA-1658 : Temporary Segments not releasing

389. Recover a big table in archivelog mode

388. When was an Object Created?

387. How to see DB reads/writes over time

386. Difference between Access and Oracle 8i

385. What is a "Wrapper Procedure/Function?"

384. How to see DB reads/writes over time

383. Difference between Access and Oracle 8i

382. Rebuilding an Index

381. How full is the shared pool?

380. Substituting _ and % in SQL

379. What Does "wrapped sql" Mean?

378. When was the table dropped?

377. Copying Data From Test to Production

376. ORA-1630: Max Extents Reached

375. Syntax to Make Foreign Key

374. ConText - Disabling Passwords From Showing

373. How to Install and Use the Oracle ConText Server?

372. Auditing Syntax

371. How Many Days Since 1900?

370. Tools for Defragging Tables

369. Primary Keys: Sequences or "Real" Data?

368. "NOT IN" vs. "NOT EXISTS"

367. LINUX Installation Problems

366. Six diverse questions

365. Exporting and Importing Indexes

364. What is the DUAL Table?

363. Is It Possible to Describe a Synonym?

362. SQL*Plus Report Gets Distorted After Several Pages

361. [Off Topic] - My London Oracle Adventure

360. Three Reorg Questions

359. ORA-600 Error

358. Converting Acces 7.0 to Oracle

357. Comparing Data on Two Instances

356. Sequences with "cache" option can skip numbers

355. LTRIM and RTRIM to see data between -'s

354. How to defrag with export/import ; ConText imports

353. Procedure correct but not working in script

352. Changing INITIAL in export/import

351. Creating Alphanumeric Sequences

350. Seven questions (Listener, PQO, Server)

349. Do DBAs need to know programming?

348. ORA-0942

347. Create a small DB from a large DB

346. TEMP is filling up!

345. Improving Export/Import Performance

344. Exporting Part of a Table

343. Two Conditions with Decode

342. Ingres to Oracle

341. Dumping a Schema

340. Missing rollback segment

339. Migrating from Access to Oracle

338. Slow CREATE and DROP TABLE and SYSTEM tablespace fragmentation

337. Connectivity between Client and Server..

336. Dropping a database

335. Archival and Restoration of inactive data

334. Resources for learning more about Oracle

333. I can't find my archived redo logs!

332. What is the default maximum sequence value?

331. What users and SQL are locking rows/tables?

330. Finding the size of an index

329. SQL help

328. Will deleting dump files affect the database?

327. Four questions (ROWID, Savepoints, Recovery Steps, alter sequence #)

326. ORA 1653: Unable to Extend Table

325. Is Export/Import the best way to recreate tables?

324. Can't drop a table

323. Oracle Licensing - How Much Does It Cost?

322. TKPROF syntax

321. ORA-4090 error

320. Oracle sequences: how does it work internally?

319. select the last n records from a table

318. Working with DBMS_OUTPUT

317. SQL: Truncate and referential integrity

316. Using an inner SELECT statement with UPDATE

315. Multiple Triggers on one table? Also, Temporary Tables?

314. Methods to recover database

313. Sample Data Warehouse init.ora file

312. Where is OPTIMAL Rollback Segment value stored in Oracle DD?

311. What Init file values are being used?

310. Export-related questions


308. Basic PL/SQL questions

307. Changing column names

306. Restricting users to only their own records in a table

305. What to do if your NEXT won't fit in your tablespace

304. Oracle limitations

303. Cost-based optimizer information

302. Using TAB as a delimiter in SQL*Loader

301. Freeing up TEMP space after a large JOIN operation

300. CREATE DATABASE: a sample script

299. Which views, procedures, and packages are dependent upon a table?

298. Two EXPLAIN PLAN questions

297. Using DECODE for RANGES of values

296. How to allow EVERY user access to a table

295. Selecting only EVEN or ODD records

294. Table Sizing

293. Encryption in SQL*Net 2.3

292. How to see free space within existing extents?

291. What is the best way to perform bulk data loads: Perl or SQL*Loader?

290. Flushing shared pool does not free memory?

289. How do you create Export/Import views

288. How to send messages to the Alert Log...

287. How do I install Oracle?

286. What are the new features of Oracle8?


284. Where are the files associated with my database?

283. Is DROP TABLE recorded in the redo logs?

282. Storing data in different tables (...or partitions...)

281. UPDATE with multiple tables

280. Recovering data with export and archived redo logs

279. ORA-01534: problems with Rollback Segments

278. Reverse-engineering CREATE TABLE with PARTITION commands

277. Beginner: joining five tables

276. 1. Who dropped a table? 2. What locks are blocking?

275. Is Oracle Year2000 (Y2K) compliant?

274. Getting data from the prior month

273. Do sequences get generated with an import?

272. The potential bad effects of moving a table from one tablespace to another

271. Dynamically selecting columns in SQL

270. Sequences are skipping numbers...

269. Generating CREATE INDEX commands through Export/Import

268. Syntax for Hot Backups ; 2) SQLNET.LOG question

267. Where does the data go during an import?

266. Bringing Rollback Segs Online After Startup

265. MaxExtents and Block Size

264. Ensuring that the database does not hang due to archive volume filling

263. Using the TRUNCATE Command

262. Finding Numerals Within a String Field

261. Defining Default Column Value

260. When was a table last had a record deleted/updated/inserted

259. Example EXPORT script file, please...

258. Are OPS$ accounts bad for security?

257. Can I examine the contents of the archive log file?

256. ORA-1658: Cannot create INITIAL extent in TEMP tablespace

255. How do I select the 1st, 500th, and 1000th rows - (with GREAT answer)

254. I can't describe a table that I know exists!

253. Running utlbstat and utlestat in a non-SYS account

252. How do you reset a sequence?

251. EXPORTing from a higher Oracle version and IMPORTing into a lower Oracle version

250. How many cpu's does Oracle recognize?

249. Finding the Database name

248. Finding the optimizer mode for the database

247. Buffer overflow in PL/SQL; avoid writing to Rollback Segments

246. Returning the row with the Max total

245. When is it unsafe to IMPORT data in DIRECT mode? How to drop a database? What is the ConText option?

244. Copying data among tables

243. Finding the "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" records in a table

242. Creating two instances on the same server

241. SERVEROUTPUT is limiting me from looping in PL/SQ

240. Searching for the asterisk (*) in a string

239. DBA responsibilities

238. The difference between a row and ROWID

237. Performance of a procedure

236. BECOME USER privilege; rename a column; row chaining/migration

235. Creating a table with a condition that DECODE cannot handle

234. Recovering in ARCHIVELOG mode

233. Updating rows which may return multiple values

232. Triggers on data dictionary; SGA swapping

231. Installing with raw devices

230. What is the BECOME USER privilege?

229. Getting ROWID information

228. Setting large storage parameters

227. Import/Export and INITIAL extent sizes

226. NT vs. NetWare performance

225. Segment and free space allocation

224. Working with \121 character and other irregular characters

223. SYS tables are chaining...

222. How do TEMP segments get cleared out?

221. Migrating Oracle6 to Oracle7: straight from datafiles?

220. Limiting rows to the top X records meeting a condition

219. Deleting duplicate rows

218. Changing the database name

217. Using SQL*Load to load multiple files into one table

216. When do triggers fire? Can you export from one table and import into another?

215. ORA-01000 when altering table

214. Checking available free space

213. Is it ok to trim the listener.log

212. How do you convert Microsoft Access to Oracle?

211. ORA-7331 and the SGA; is the db stable?

210. What software defrags a database while the database is up?

209. 1) How to defragment a tablespace 2) What objects are in a tablespace

208. Which users are using which Rollback Segments?

207. Converting dBase IV files to Oracle

206. How many OPEN CURSORs do I have?

205. cron jobs: It can't find sqlplus

204. rollback segments are not shrinking

203. Where are the Oracle8 How-To source codes?

202. What's a schema, and should I update SYS tables/views?

201. Copying constraints, indexes, etc. along with a table

200. ORA-01555: snapshot is too old error

199. Creating a Database

198. What is a Thread Advance?

197. Picking the Least-Used Rollback Segment for SET TRANSACTION

196. Combining Multiple Event Triggers on One Table

195. Database Character Sorting

194. How long to migrate Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8.0?

193. How do you application tune?

192. Breaking up tables with LONG columns

191. Copying data from Access to Oracle

190. What to do if someone says the DB is running slowly.

189. How do you see table names in SQL*Plus?

188. Breaking delimited data into separate fields

187. Are multiple extents bad for performance?

186. How do you see the trigger body in the data dictionary?

185. Can't run Server Manager in Motif mode

184. How do you query ROLLBACK SEGMENTS? Are there temporary tables? ...

183. Table sizing for data warehouse implementation

182. Which SQL statements are being executed?

181. Renaming a database on NT 4.0

180. Reporting on contiguous freespace sizes for each tablespace

179. Archiving data onto a second instance

178. Cannot connect to Oracle using connect string

177. 1) 7.3.2 on Linux? 2) Does import use extra disk space?

176. 1) Dynamically creating tables 2) Has a column been indexed ASC or DESC?

175. Copying a database to another server while it is still up

174. 1) Does unique constraint exist? 2) How do you use HOST?

173. What does flushing the shared pool do?

172. cpu_count

171. Oracle error when writing, deleting large amounts of data

170. Import into a non-empty table

169. Primary Key design

168. Toolkit II problem with Server Manager

167. Becoming Oracle Certified

166. How to learn SQL and PL/SQL

165. Applying Redo Logs Twice

164. Converting LONG to VARHCHAR2

163. Finding which users hog the system

162. ORA-1555: Snapshot Too Old

161. Password Expiration Methods

160. Oracle8.0 for Windows NT - Newbie Question

159. Removing Columns from a Table

158. SQL Quiz

157. Reducing Buffer Cache Misses

156. Instance Startup Parameters

155. Selecting constraints from the dictionary

154. Renaming a database

153. How to rebuild indexes quickly

152. Determining and changing ROLLBACK sizes

151. Finding the total rows in the database

150. ORA-600

149. Memory & Oracle

148. Determining max concurrent users

147. Shutdown immediate problem

146. INDEXFILE with exports

145. 7.3.2 init.ora parameters

144. Archive log performance

143. How do you read REDO logs?

142. Is it possible to pass args. to a sql script?

141. Creating a second instance

140. rollback segs prob. ->

139. dbms_output.put_line: formatting output

138. ORA-00984

137. On Oracle architecture...

136. Checking the used memory

135. Export Utility and the package STANDARD

134. Multiple CPU's help

133. Connecting to DB from home

132. New century - URGENT

131. DESC tables

130. How do I put a & in a varchar2?

129. Clearing rollback segments

128. Decodung Oracle password

127. Analyze Question

126. About database setup... Urgent

125. US7ASCII and Oracle6.0

124. Temporary Segments

123. How to get multiple rows via a stored procedure

122. Replicating LONGS

121. How to detect objects approaching MAXEXTENTS

120. Export speed too slow

119. Writing Ampersands to fields

118. Simple SQL Question from a Beginner


116. OFA, utlbstat/utlestat


114. Finding duplicate rows in a table

113. Oracle Import

112. How to set default initial extent when creating new table

111. Export table - a 10 gig table

110. Extents, Blocks, etc. - can anyone point me to help?

109. NUM_ROWS statistic incorrect

108. Moving Datafiles

107. Password after installation???

106. Invalid status after successful run of procedure

105. Shutdown NORMAL not working

104. Oracle long field attribute - length

103. Default value of pct_increase

102. How to display date and time from 'Select Sysdate...'

101. Oracle 8 on HP/UX 10.x

100. What happens if...

99. DB_BLOCK_SIZE: Possible Misinformation

98. Inserts too slow

97. How to determine free memory in Oracle

96. how to solve it?

95. select and update by row number

94. Rollback tablespace fragmentation

93. [Q] how to find how many rows in each table in the database?

92. Database can't start - missing datafile!

91. rescuing index

90. How can I determine the size of my Oracle database?

89. Tablespace Creation trouble - Help!

88. Performance Question

87. Export/Import to migrate platforms

86. HELP returning rows from stored proc

85. Size of physical datafiles ..URGENT!!!!!

84. Is Oracle the worst-documented product of all time?

83. Is there a solution for varchar2 !

82. How to move a user's tables from one tablespace to another tablespace.

81. Writing ASCII data to Oracle DB, howto?

80. table all_errors does not exist!

79. Hanging ORACLE database

78. SQL*Plus / Windows NT / host commands

77. integer division

76. Dec Unix - Error on create TS datafile

75. Q: How to reconfigure shared-memory segment size in Sun Solaris 2.5.1 kernel (SPARC)

74. PLS-00323 error

73. ROWID Arithmetic

72. Generators for Primary Keys

71. PCTUSED - How can I display the value of a table?

70. How to copy LONG column

69. Question about check constraint

68. How to change password in SqlPlus/Net?

67. Tablespace Fragmentation

66. dbms_output causing problems

65. Scheduled Hot Online Backups - HELP!!!

64. ORA-06571

63. Help on how to get decode the resource id

62. How do you determine free space in DB?

61. How can I find how many instances in a server

60. System and temp tablespace

59. Poor perfmance after large delete

58. PL/SQL manuals?

57. limiting rows returned ?

56. Question on tablespaces and table spaces

55. Case insensitive

54. [HELP] How can I find deadlocks?

53. Ora-600 Space Leak...Explain, causes

52. ORA-0729 on HP

51. newbie.. start services/database

50. "Product user profile information not loaded"? Why?

49. Am I running out of extents (fragmentation)?

48. Fixed format output


46. core dump while querying large tables

45. Adding Users

44. SQL Statement

43. SQL*Plus spooling problem

42. REDO log shifts are blocking for DB updates !!!

41. Functions becoming invalid

40. Oracle Server Manager

39. ROLLBACK SEGMENTS: Some basic questions

38. ORA-01555 snapshot too old and ORA-01658 unable to create


36. URGENT: more extents needed!

35. SQL*Net message from SQL*Plus

34. Help ! problems with temp file

33. ORA-01555 snapshot too old and ORA-01658 unable to create

32. Rollback segments

31. Capturing SQL commands

30. SYSDATE - Time slow to update?

29. SQL question: Views

28. How can I find out who is currently using the DB?

27. NEWBIE: file structure for ORACLE

26. Help!! Object does not exist

25. Oracle EXPORT re: Tables only

24. ORA-1041 Internal error HOSTDEF does not exist

23. Sequence Caches

22. Delete without Rollback?

21. How do I reclaim index space?

20. Starting a job at specified intervals

19. Backup of Oracle databases

18. Performance - empty blocks, 7.1 UNIX

17. Comparing two databases

16. Import/Export Facility

15. Question: How to handle duplicate table names?

14. Using alter table add constraint syntax?

13. SQL Query

12. Dead SQL*Net Process

11. Set instance 2: command

10. ORA-3113 errors, suddenly

9. Error - ORA-01652

8. This is an easy one. How do I do a simple directory list of my Oracle7 tables?

7. Need help with simple SQL syntax

6. Export a Table from Oracle to ASCII File

5. Cannot Do 'CONNECT INTERNAL' to do System Shutdown

4. Insufficient Privileges with SYS for SQL*DBA

3. How to use " in Oracle Data

2. ORA-01555 Snapshot too Old?

1. Whacko SQL*Net Errors

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