> 1. How can determine the parameters of the file INIT.ORA, so as not to to
> have problems with the SGA?  , I had'the mistake ora-7331.  I have'a Sun
> Solaris 3000 Enterprise and Oracle

Check your INSTALLATION GUIDE that came with your Oracle software. There are
some UNIX kernel parameters that determine how large the SGA can be. You
want to make it large enough for your application, but not too large that it
won't fit in memory or cause Oracle (and other programs) to use swap space.
> 2. How it is if the were Database is stable, or, that parameters have to
> consider for this?

I'm not sure I understand. To see if the database is stable, check your
alert_SID.log file for any errors. Also check your core dump directory and
user dump directory for additional errors.

> 3. Which is the difference between a shutdown normal and a shutdown
> immediate?

Shutdown normal waits for users to finish everything and log out before shutting
         down. It does not allow new people to connect.
Shutdown immediate will automatically rollback all current transactions and log
         people out immediately after.
Shutdown abort instantly kills the database and may require some recovery upon
> P.D.
> Forgive my english, I am new in imail.
>           Regards

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