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As database administrators, we are all familiar with the various ups and downs of the job. For me, feeling tied to a computer 24 hours a day is a real downer. Many of my nights and weekends have been ruined by database or server problems, with my pager beeping every 10-20 minutes. It is especially frustrating when the issue could be fixed or changed really easily, but the fix still requires going into work or getting to a computer ASAP.

Wouldn't it be great to monitor and manage your databases, servers, networks, and other back-end applications from anywhere you happen to be, with a minimum of effort? After dreaming about this for years, in 1999, I formed my own company to create mobile software for IT systems management – an entirely new field that we dominate now in 2005.

Organizations are vulnerable when their experts are out of the office and unconnected. My company, Expand Beyond Corporation, creates software that lets you monitor and manage Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata and DB2 UDB databases, as well as any Microsoft® Windows® environment, from Active Directory® and Exchange to workstations and servers, and provides secure command line access to network devices including servers, routers and switches – all from wireless handheld devices. DBAs and other IT professionals can now check on their systems anytime, anywhere to maximize performance and productivity beyond the desktop. No more wait time to get access to mission critical information. No more frustrating trips into work to power equipment on or off.

Think of all the convenience and extra productivity you currently get out of having a cell phone. Now imagine that same freedom brought to the heart of your job. I made sure that all the most critical and useful stuff you want to do as a DBA or system administrator can be done from the palm of your hand. Tell the boss that this can increase productivity in the shop by up to 30 percent – and that’s a conservative estimate.

You can learn more about the company by clicking on the banner ad on this site or by visiting www.XB.com. Our ROI white paper is available for download from http://www.xb.com/wireless/roi/. Bear in mind that the calculations can be customized using your own organization’s numbers.

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