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392. Improving Export/Import Performance

389. Recover a big table in archivelog mode

365. Exporting and Importing Indexes

335. Archival and Restoration of inactive data

333. I can't find my archived redo logs!

327. Four questions (ROWID, Savepoints, Recovery Steps, alter sequence #)

314. Methods to recover database

280. Recovering data with export and archived redo logs

273. Do sequences get generated with an import?

268. Syntax for Hot Backups ; 2) SQLNET.LOG question

267. Where does the data go during an import?

266. Bringing Rollback Segs Online After Startup

264. Ensuring that the database does not hang due to archive volume filling

259. Example EXPORT script file, please...

251. EXPORTing from a higher Oracle version and IMPORTing into a lower Oracle version

245. When is it unsafe to IMPORT data in DIRECT mode? How to drop a database? What is the ConText option?

234. Recovering in ARCHIVELOG mode

227. Import/Export and INITIAL extent sizes

205. cron jobs: It can't find sqlplus

179. Archiving data onto a second instance

170. Import into a non-empty table

165. Applying Redo Logs Twice

147. Shutdown immediate problem

146. INDEXFILE with exports

144. Archive log performance

120. Export speed too slow

113. Oracle Import

111. Export table - a 10 gig table

105. Shutdown NORMAL not working

100. What happens if...

92. Database can't start - missing datafile!

65. Scheduled Hot Online Backups - HELP!!!

25. Oracle EXPORT re: Tables only

19. Backup of Oracle databases

16. Import/Export Facility

5. Cannot Do 'CONNECT INTERNAL' to do System Shutdown

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