Subject: Re: SQL*Net message from SQL*Plus
References: <> (David Gressett) writes:

>I can't connect to my  Oracle 7.1 server with my SQL*Plus 3.1; I get
>an error code ORA-06108;  The CD-ROM documentation has nothing that
>explains what this means.

According to my documentation,

06108, 00000, "NETTCP: connect to host failed"
// *Cause:  Connection attempt to remote host has failed. Probably means
//          that the SQL*Net TCP/IP server on the remote host is not up,
//          or the host itself is not up (check the latter by targeting
//          it with Telnet).
// *Action: Start the SQL*Net TCP/IP server process on the remote host.

Make sure you are pointing to the correct SID and make sure that SQL*Net is
up on the remote host.

Hope this helps...

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