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397. Converting ROWID to Long

385. What is a "Wrapper Procedure/Function?"

379. What Does "wrapped sql" Mean?

353. Procedure correct but not working in script

318. Working with DBMS_OUTPUT

308. Basic PL/SQL questions

255. How do I select the 1st, 500th, and 1000th rows - (with GREAT answer)!

247. Buffer overflow in PL/SQL; avoid writing to Rollback Segments

243. Finding the "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" records in a table

241. SERVEROUTPUT is limiting me from looping in PL/SQ

237. Performance of a procedure

235. Creating a table with a condition that DECODE cannot handle

206. How many OPEN CURSORs do I have?

196. Combining Multiple Event Triggers on One Table

176. 1) Dynamically creating tables 2) Has a column been indexed ASC or DESC?

166. How to learn SQL and PL/SQL

164. Converting LONG to VARHCHAR2

139. dbms_output.put_line: formatting output

135. Export Utility and the package STANDARD

123. How to get multiple rows via a stored procedure

122. Replicating LONGS

104. Oracle long field attribute - length

86. HELP returning rows from stored proc

70. How to copy LONG column

66. dbms_output causing problems

58. PL/SQL manuals?

41. Functions becoming invalid

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