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> We have installed Oracle 8 on NT 4.0 Server on one machine and
> Developer 2000 on anoother machine running Windows 95. 
> -What to do to get the connectivity between Oracle Database and
> Forms4.5 or reports 2.5 running on Windows 95. ?

You need to create a listener on the database server. There needs to be
both a listener.ora and tnsnames.ora file in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin.
There are sample files there already for you to work on.

Start the listener with "lsnrctl start", stop it with "lsnrctl stop" and
see the status with "lsnrctl status".

On the client, you need SQL*Net. You can install this with the "Oracle
Client" software. There is a "SQL*Net Easy Install" program that guides
you through the installation. You can instead make your own tnsnames.ora
file and install the SQL*Net program. You need the IP address of the
database server and the database instance name and the port to check (1521
by default).

> - Are there any network settings required?

See the above answer.

> - Is it required to setup or configure server so that    database
> services can be accessible on network.

See the above answer on listener.ora and tnsnames.ora and starting the

> - Is it required to create a connect string?

There is no need if your ORACLE_SID environment variable is set. If not,
then yes you need a connect string.

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