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402. Running Multiple DBs on the Same Server

400. Moving Objects Among Tablespaces

399. What should PCTUSED be for frequently updated tables?

395. Changing the location of the initSID.ora file from the default

390. ORA-1658 : Temporary Segments not releasing

387. How to see DB reads/writes over time

384. How to see DB reads/writes over time

381. How full is the shared pool?

378. When was the table dropped?

377. Copying Data From Test to Production

372. Auditing Syntax

369. Primary Keys: Sequences or "Real" Data?

366. Six diverse questions

360. Three Reorg Questions

356. Sequences with "cache" option can skip numbers

351. Creating Alphanumeric Sequences

347. Create a small DB from a large DB

346. TEMP is filling up!

340. Missing rollback segment

338. Slow CREATE and DROP TABLE and SYSTEM tablespace fragmentation

336. Dropping a database

332. What is the default maximum sequence value?

330. Finding the size of an index

328. Will deleting dump files affect the database?

313. Sample Data Warehouse init.ora file

312. Where is OPTIMAL Rollback Segment value stored in Oracle DD?

311. What Init file values are being used?

305. What to do if your NEXT won't fit in your tablespace

303. Cost-based optimizer information

301. Freeing up TEMP space after a large JOIN operation

300. CREATE DATABASE: a sample script

299. Which views, procedures, and packages are dependent upon a table?

290. Flushing shared pool does not free memory?

288. How to send messages to the Alert Log...

287. How do I install Oracle?


284. Where are the files associated with my database?

282. Storing data in different tables (...or partitions...)

278. Reverse-engineering CREATE TABLE with PARTITION commands

276. 1. Who dropped a table? 2. What locks are blocking?

275. Is Oracle Year2000 (Y2K) compliant?

272. The potential bad effects of moving a table from one tablespace to another

270. Sequences are skipping numbers...

265. MaxExtents and Block Size

256. ORA-1658: Cannot create INITIAL extent in TEMP tablespace

253. Running utlbstat and utlestat in a non-SYS account

250. How many cpu's does Oracle recognize?

249. Finding the Database name

248. Finding the optimizer mode for the database

242. Creating two instances on the same server

231. Installing with raw devices

230. What is the BECOME USER privilege?

228. Setting large storage parameters

225. Segment and free space allocation

223. SYS tables are chaining...

222. How do TEMP segments get cleared out?

221. Migrating Oracle6 to Oracle7: straight from datafiles?

218. Changing the database name

214. Checking available free space

209. 1) How to defragment a tablespace 2) What objects are in a tablespace

208. Which users are using which Rollback Segments?

204. rollback segments are not shrinking

202. What's a schema, and should I update SYS tables/views?

201. Copying constraints, indexes, etc. along with a table

199. Creating a Database

198. What is a Thread Advance?

194. How long to migrate Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8.0?

193. How do you application tune?

190. What to do if someone says the DB is running slowly.

188. Breaking delimited data into separate fields

187. Are multiple extents bad for performance?

185. Can't run Server Manager in Motif mode

184. How do you query ROLLBACK SEGMENTS? Are there temporary tables? ...

183. Table sizing for data warehouse implementation

181. Renaming a database on NT 4.0

180. Reporting on contiguous freespace sizes for each tablespace

177. 1) 7.3.2 on Linux? 2) Does import use extra disk space?

175. Copying a database to another server while it is still up

173. What does flushing the shared pool do?

172. cpu_count

163. Finding which users hog the system

161. Password Expiration Methods

160. Oracle8.0 for Windows NT - Newbie Question

157. Reducing Buffer Cache Misses

156. Instance Startup Parameters

154. Renaming a database

152. Determining and changing ROLLBACK sizes

149. Memory & Oracle

145. 7.3.2 init.ora parameters

143. How do you read REDO logs?

141. Creating a second instance

140. rollback segs prob. ->

137. On Oracle architecture...

136. Checking the used memory

134. Multiple CPU's help

129. Clearing rollback segments

128. Decodung Oracle password

126. About database setup... Urgent

125. US7ASCII and Oracle6.0

124. Temporary Segments

121. How to detect objects approaching MAXEXTENTS

116. OFA, utlbstat/utlestat

110. Extents, Blocks, etc. - can anyone point me to help?

109. NUM_ROWS statistic incorrect

108. Moving Datafiles

107. Password after installation???

103. Default value of pct_increase

101. Oracle 8 on HP/UX 10.x

99. DB_BLOCK_SIZE: Possible Misinformation

98. Inserts too slow

97. How to determine free memory in Oracle

94. Rollback tablespace fragmentation

91. rescuing index

90. How can I determine the size of my Oracle database?

88. Performance Question

85. Size of physical datafiles ..URGENT!!!!!

82. How to move a user's tables from one tablespace to another tablespace.

75. Q: How to reconfigure shared-memory segment size in Sun Solaris 2.5.1 kernel (SPARC)

72. Generators for Primary Keys

71. PCTUSED - How can I display the value of a table?

69. Question about check constraint

68. How to change password in SqlPlus/Net?

67. Tablespace Fragmentation

62. How do you determine free space in DB?

61. How can I find how many instances in a server

60. System and temp tablespace

59. Poor perfmance after large delete

56. Question on tablespaces and table spaces

54. [HELP] How can I find deadlocks?

51. newbie.. start services/database

49. Am I running out of extents (fragmentation)?


45. Adding Users

42. REDO log shifts are blocking for DB updates !!!

39. ROLLBACK SEGMENTS: Some basic questions

36. URGENT: more extents needed!

34. Help ! problems with temp file

32. Rollback segments

30. SYSDATE - Time slow to update?

28. How can I find out who is currently using the DB?

27. NEWBIE: file structure for ORACLE

23. Sequence Caches

22. Delete without Rollback?

21. How do I reclaim index space?

20. Starting a job at specified intervals

18. Performance - empty blocks, 7.1 UNIX

17. Comparing two databases

11. Set instance 2: command

8. This is an easy one. How do I do a simple directory list of my Oracle7 tables?

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