To: Nick Nikolopoulos 
On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Nick Nikolopoulos wrote:

> Dear Ari,
> I'm a newbee that has been thrown into the fire by default (i.e. our DBA
> left some time ago and no one here is an Oracle guru).  My problem is as
> follows: when executing a data dump, whose script was developed by the
> second to the last DBA, I received the -942 error message for only one of
> the twelve tables that was dumped. Oh, by the way, we're using Oracle 7.1 on
> Open VMS (I was surprised to see this dinosaur still around) and Oracle no
> longer has help support for Open VMS.
> This data dump script worked perfectly the last time it was run (December)
> and all the times before that.  All of a sudden it now doesn't work on one
> of our tables.  The code has not changed, the table has not changed; but for
> some reason "the table or view does not exist".  Any ideas of where to start
> looking for the problem?
> P.S. Your web site is probably the best Oracle-help site I've come across -
> Kudos!
> Nick

Thanks for the email and glad that you like my web page.

Also, welcome to the world of DBA's! I am sure that you'll get more
comfortable as time goes by.

As for your question, it is hard to say exactly why your script does not
work anymore. First, see if the table exists:


If it does not exists as a table, then maybe as a synonym:


Maybe a view?:


If the table/synonym/view exists but under a different user, make sure
that you have appropriate privilieges on that object. For example, if the
table is owned by SAM and your GREGG user does not have the ability to
select from the table, connect as SAM and issue:

GRANT SELECT ON enter_name_here TO GREGG;

Your script will hopefully work now.

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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