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Independent Oracle Users Group Plans for COLLABORATE 08

April 10, 2008

PODCAST: Ari Kaplan discusses Collaborate ‘08

April 3, 2008

With Software Upgrades, Pain Leads to Gain

February 21, 2008


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NetApp Extends SnapManager Functionality for Oracle Database 11g Customers

January 8, 2008

Oracle Users Embrace Open-Source Systems

November 5, 2007

The Oracle Database user's guide to Oracle OpenWorld 2007

October 31, 2007

Oracle users go ga-ga for open source

October 24, 2007

Open Source Invading Oracle Data Centers

October 23, 2007


Oracle Users and Open Source

October 23, 2007

IOUG Open Source Survey

October 24, 2007


Oracle Users Catching on to Open Source

October 24, 2007


Oracle and BEA: What Happens Next?

October 24, 2007

Oracle users enjoy open source benefits but shy away from databases -- for now

October 24, 2007

Oracle Fusion Middleware: First Glance , Aug 23, 2007

Datalink senior consultant and president of the Independent Oracle Users Group Ari Kaplan talks to Kay Keppler, Oracle Magazine feature editor, about the new features and functionality of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Find out how it will benefit the enterprise and what benefits your organization--and independent users--can expect from it.

Meeting Enterprise Needs for Data Storage, Aug 23, 2007

Ari Kaplan, president of the Independent Oracle Users Group and a senior consultant with Datalink, talks with Oracle Magazine feature editor Kay Keppler about how new storage solutions can help ease the crunch most enterprises face in the need to save increasingly large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Learn how these solutions can help your organization--and learn how joining the IOUG can help you.

Ari Kaplan on-stage at the Oracle Database 11g launch with President Charles Phillips: Watch Segment 1 from minute 48-52

July, 2007

Not just for disasters anymore

Backup and failover databases find new uses beyond recovery



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Users Plan for Quick Oracle 11g Upgrades


Oracle starts marketing drive on database upgrade



Can Oracle’s 11g Deliver?




Oracle(R) Database 11g Helps Customers Innovate Faster




Oracle unveils Database 11g

Oracle hopes new security, testing, and management features will speed up 11g adoption



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Beta testers ready to upgrade to Oracle 11g

New version adds security, testing features; still lacks grid support


Oracle Upgrade is Giving Pause


Oracle releases next database
New version is significant upgrade from Oracle 10g platform, and has over 400 new features.


July 11, 2007



Oracle Expects Database 11g to Set the Database Bar


July 11, 2007




Revisiting the Oracle 11g upgrade decision (and 400 potential ROI cases)


July 11, 2007



Oracle 11g: How Fast Will Folks Upgrade?


July 11, 2007




11g Release Has Oracle Database Geeks Gushing


July 11, 2007


Oracle Database 11g Announced


July 12, 2007


Oracle Launches Database 11g


July 12, 2007




Beta test users ready to update to Oracle 11g


July 13, 2007


Oracle promises space savings in latest database


July 13, 2007


Oracle Says 11g Database is Better, Cheaper, Faster


July 11, 2007


Grid computing adoption slow amid fears of complexity

July 18 2007


Announcing Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Backup and Recovery Challenges Resellers


Datalink Sr. Database Consultant Ari Kaplan Reelected President of IOUG


IOUG President Ari Kaplan Takes an Inside Look at Oracle Database 11g Beta (part 2 of 2)

April, 2007


ANTs Appoints Ari Kaplan to Board of Directors



IOUG President Ari Kaplan Takes an Inside Look at Oracle Database 11g Beta (part 1 of 2)

March, 2007

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Podcast: Database storage management with Independent Oracle Users Group president Ari Kaplan


Special Report: Collaborate 07

March 15 2007


IOUG President Ari Kaplan Takes an Inside Look at Oracle Database 11g Beta


Oracle Offers Free ILM Tool


Oracle debuts free Information Lifecycle Management tool

February 26 2007


Oracle Users Say App Support Is Good, Fusion Plans Still Up in the Air

February 19, 2007


Amid Software Shift, User Groups Give Customers A Voice

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Oracle Database Users Wrestle With Storage Demand

ari_press_cio2.html home

Hot Jobs, BI Analyst



How To Get Vendors To Share Their Plans


DBAs to storage managers: We want more!


So What Was the Buzz?


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The database giant’s plan to offer cut-price Red Hat support fazes some, but not others

November 6, 2006

MIA: Oracle Executives a No-Show at OpenWorld Press Meetings


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Users look for details on Oracle's next database

October 20, 2006

Getting Ready for Oracle OpenWorld


FRONT PAGE STORY: Can We Manage Data on the Edge?


Oracle users concerned with open source support

August 15, 2006,289142,sid41_gci1210635,00.html


Open Source Making Inroads Into Oracle Base: Survey

August 14, 2006


Oracle Users: Keen on Open Source

August 11, 2006


Oracle User Survey Finds Open Source Making Inroads

August 11, 2006


FRONT PAGE STORY: The Information Layer Matters


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Open-source Java? Users want details

May 17, 2006


FRONT PAGE STORY: Operational BI Drives DW Renaissance



COLLABORATE 06 Joint Users Groups Confab is a Major Success

May 2, 2006


Podcast: The latest from Collaborate '06

April 27, 2006,289142,sid41_gci1185333,00.html




Users: Oracle Linux would be optimal

Customers are talking over the idea ahead of Collaborate 06 event

April 21, 2006


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Oracle software stack appeals to users

April 21, 2006,10801,110756,00.html

Collaborate '06 Preview: IOUG's Kaplan on RAC, security, mobility and more

April 13, 2006,289142,sid41_gci1180173,00.html


Why Ingres Is Wrong on Oracle and Right on Oracle

April 7, 2006,1759,1947610,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000608


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Survey: Linux gaining as Oracle database platform of choice
Microsoft .Net and Oracle Application Express are also popular, say IOUG members


April 6, 2006,10801,110270,00.html


Linux Is Almost as Popular as Solaris for Oracle Databases

April 6, 2006


IOUG: Linux To Be Number One Oracle OS

April 4, 2006


Linux Muscling to the Top in Oracle Shops

April 4, 2006,1895,1945810,00.asp 


Linux to be top Oracle platform within a year

April 4, 2006


Preparing for Collaborate 06

March 15, 2006


IOUG, OAUG and Quest Co-Host COLLABORATE 06; Event Unifies Annual Conferences for Leading Oracle User Groups

March 9, 2006


Ari Kaplan Joins Datalink

February 21, 2006




Protection Gets Granular

Major database vendors add layers of security that can be used on information where it resides inside the database

September 23, 2005


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