November 05, 2007 (Computerworld)

Oracle Users Embrace Open-Source Systems

At next week’s gathering of Oracle aficionados at OpenWorld in San Francisco, Ari Kaplan, president of the Independent Oracle User Group in Chicago, will present some interesting data about open-source usage culled from the group’s annual survey of its 21,000-plus members. He says one thing is certain: Open source continues to gather momentum among members. About 13% of the survey respondents said that in 2007, the “majority” of their companies’ applications were running atop open-source tools such as Linux, Apache and JBoss, vs. 9% last year. However, while a vast majority of Oracle sites also ran apps that use open-source databases such as MySQL, Postgres and Oracle Express, Kaplan points out that “they’re tiny by comparison.” That is, 81% of those open-source databases were a puny 1GB to 50GB in size and mostly used in noncritical environments, whereas Oracle databases average between 500GB and 1TB and are vital to a company’s business. Although Kaplan expects open source to continue to make inroads into Oracle sites, he doesn’t foresee them displacing mission-critical Oracle deployments. “They’re three to five years ahead of open source” in technology, Kaplan concludes. He cites Oracle 11g’s ability to compress data within a database and its Database Vault and Audit Vault tools that support compliance initiatives

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