Ari Kaplan is President of AriBall, a leading analyst and scouting firm to Major League Baseball teams and media. Educated at the elite California Institute of Technology, he is a recipient of their “Alumni of the Decade” award for the 1990’s. Kaplan is the President of AriBall and was President of the Independent Oracle Users Group for three years. Kaplan gained broad recognition in the IT marketplace as CEO of Expand Beyond Corp, a leader in the database and server management market,raising the largest first round of funding in Illinois for 2001 through its public acquisition. In 2001, he was included in Crain Communications’ "40 Under 40" profile of business leaders.


·         President of the Independent Oracle Users Group 2005-2008 for the world’s second largest software company, presiding over 200 staff and volunteers for the 20,000+ member technical association.

·         Widely recognized as a leading authority in the IT industry, Kaplan has architected and led implementation of some of the most successful and highly visible data centers and applications for Fortune 500 companies including 3Com, Hallmark, Merck and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

·         Co-author of six best-selling books including the first-to-market book on Windows 2000 (which went to #17 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list), three on Oracle, and two on baseball analytics.

·         Awarded Crain Communication’s "40 Under 40" distinction for effective business leaders.

·         Awarded broad US Patents on mobile technology with 46 claims.


·        Ari’s work has been covered by more than 400 print, online, and broadcast outlets, including the Today Show, CNN, Time, the History Channel, Chris Matthews Hardball, Newsweek, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CIO, Financial Times, and the BBC.


Kaplan is a popular speaker at national and international technology conferences including Comdex, OracleWorld, the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Wall Street Technology Association, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.


Kaplan is also on the Swedish-Russian Working Group on the Fate of Raoul Wallenberg, investigating the disappearance of the Holocaust hero into the Soviet gulag. He serves on the board of directors for ANTs software and the Illinois Technology Association.

Ari Kaplan in the News:

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Video of Ari Kaplan and Charles Phillips during the Oracle Database 11g launch, NYC 2007 (Watch Segment 1 from minute 48-52), also on YouTube

History of Trenton Computer Festival Keynote presenters

Trenton Times cover story, October 1, 2006: Hero outsmarted the Nazis. He saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews but could not save himself

Trenton Times second cover story, October 4, 2006: Remembering missing hero of the Holocaust

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09/23/05: Information Week: Security inside the database

03/29/05: Expand Beyond acquired (InfoWorld)

03/29/05: Expand Beyond acquired (press release)

09/03/04: Ari Kaplan awarded major wireless patent

01/08/04: Ari Kaplan in USA Today as “Tech Industry Titan”


08/01/02: DM Review: Executive Interview

05/01/02: U.S. 1, Princeton's Business and Entertainment Weekly: Computer Festival Child Becomes a Keynote

04/29/02: Times of Trenton: Local Computer Prodigy Returns as Festival Speaker

11/19/01: Crain's 40 Under 40

09/01/01:    September 2001 From Contractor to CEO: The Career of Ari Kaplan

05/21/01: Chicago Sun-Times: PocketDBA lets database chiefs work at remote site

07/15/00:    July / August Peer-to-Peer in Oracle Magazine

06/18/00: Chicago Tribune (Front Page of Jobs Section): "Pick to Click" in the Midwest

01/20/00: Chicago Daily Herald / Raoul Wallenberg Article

01/19/00: Chicago Sun Times / Answers sought on Wallenberg

10/01/99:October's cover story of Contract Professional Magazine. Order your copy today!

11/15/99 : ComputerWorld: "Hot Spots"

10/25/99 : ComputerWorld cover lead: "Extreme Techies".

9/1/99: Congratulations to CALTECH for being selected as the NUMBER ONE University in America by "US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT". See the US NEWS article here.

Article on BG&E project, for which Ari was Oracle DBA .

See various articles on Ari's Baseball Research .

On June 13, 1997 Ari Kaplan was named recipient of the prestigious "Caltech Alumni of the Decade". Click for the complete list. Guess which Nobel Laureates he shares the prize with. .

Ari Kaplan's Co-Authored Books:

This was the FIRST Windows 2000 book in the world.NT5: The Next Revolution

http://www.arikaplan.com/bookstore/oracle8howto.gifor at Barnes & Noble; or at Waite Group



Windows 2000Windows 2000 from Apogeo  (in Italian, translated from my NT5 book).

NT5: The Next Revolution, ChineseNT5 - The Next Revolution - Chinese Editions

NT5: The Next Revolution, Chinese

 Baseball Hacks

Raoul Wallenberg:

 Purchase the History Channel’s DVD “Dead Men’s Secrets: Whatever Happened to Raoul Wallenberg” based on Ari’s research

AP story: Scholars run down more clues to a Holocaust mystery, April 27 2008

Trenton Times second cover story, October 4, 2006: Remembering missing hero of the Holocaust

Trenton Times cover story, October 1, 2006: Hero outsmarted the Nazis. He saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews but could not save himself

 Download the Raoul Wallenberg Examination of Consistency of Eyewitness Sightings (Cell Occupancy Analysis of Korpus 2 of the Vladimir Prison)

 Download the Raoul Wallenberg Report of the Swedish-Russian Working Group

 Download the Development of Forensic Database Methods in the Search of “the Disappeared”

 Download the New York Review of Books: THE TRUTH ABOUT WALLENBERG

 Download the 2006 Letter to the G8 Summit

 Download the 2005 Letter to Vladimir Putin on Raoul Wallenberg

 Download AJC’s “The Last Word on Wallenberg? New Investigations, New Questions”

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