Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) Keynote Presenters


Keynotes have included Ari Kaplan, Bill Gates, E. Eubanks (CEO Symantec Corporation), Dr. Gary Kildall (President of Digital Research Inc., Creator of the CP/M Disk Operating System), and Steve Levy (Editor of Wired and MacWorld Magazines).



Trenton Computer Festival

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The Trenton Computer Festival is the longest continuously running computer show in the United States. It was started in 1976 at Trenton State College. It moved to the Mercer County College as it grew larger, and in 1999 moved to the NJ Convention Center in Edison, NJ.

In 2005, the show returned to The College of New Jersey formerly Trenton State College to celebrate it's 30th Anniversary.

The show consists of an outdoor flea market, indoor retail market, user group displays, exhibits by national companies (i.e. Creative Technology, Microsoft, Intel), and a series of seminars and talks by experts on a variety of topics.

The 2006 show was held on the weekend of April 22 & 23 at The College of New Jersey.

Keynote Speakers

2006 - Gregory Olsen, the 3rd private citizen in space.

2005 - Brian Kernighan, co-author of first book on the C programming language

2004 - Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Electronic Voting

2003 - Bruce and Marge Brown, PC Magazine contributing editors

2002 - Ari Kaplan, CEO of Xpand Beyond

2001 - Emmanuel Goldstein, Publisher 2600 Magazine, The Hacker Quarterly

2000 - Jeff Waldhuter, Director of Bell Atlantic (Verizon) Network Services Strategy

1999 - Mike Elegan, Editor, Windows Magazine

1999 - Eric Raymond (Banquet Speaker)

1998 - Stacy Horn, Founder Echo

1997 - Dennis Hayes, CEO and Founder Microcomputer Products, Inc.

1997 - Phil Zimmerman, CTO of Pretty Good Privacy

1997 - Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Researcher and Designer of the C++ Language

1996 - Robin Raskin, Editor-in-Chief of Family-PC Magazine

1995 - Bill Machrone, Technology VP for Ziff-Davis Publishing

1994 - Steve Levy, Editor of Wired and MacWorld Magazines

1993 - Gordon E. Eubanks, CEO Symantec Corporation

1992 - Paul Grayson, Micrographix and National Chair for Missing Children Alert

1991 - Alfred Poor, PC Magazine ???

1990 - David House, Senior VP Intel Corp.

1989 - Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft Corp.

1988 - Chris Rukowski from Rising Star??? Not sure of year

1987 - Claudia Choi, Editor-In-Chief of Family Computing Magazine (only banquet)

1986 - Philip Lemmons, Editor of BYTE Magazine

1985 - Seymour I. Rubinstein, Originator of Wordstar

1984 - Steve Circercia, Ceercia’s Circuit Cellar

1983 - Dr. Ken Iverson, IBM, Creator of APL

1982 - Dr. Gary Kildall, President of Digital Research Inc., Creator of the CP/M Disk Operating System

1981 - Dr. Adam Osborne, Author – "Microcomputer Tunnel Vision or Why I Designed and Built a New Microcomputer"

1980 - Carl Helmers, Executive Editor of BYTE Magazine

1979 - Wayne Green, Publisher of Kilobaud, Microcomputing and 73 Magazines – Remarkable Opportunities for the Hobbyist

1978 - David Ahl, Publisher Creative Computing Magazine – "The State of the Art in Computer Games"

1977 - Mr. and Mrs. John W. John Mauchly, Inventor of the first Digital Computer - "The Circumstances Surrounding the Invention of the First Digital Computer"

1976 - None

Interesting things found in the flea market

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